Associate Artists

The SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY introduced its “Associate Artist” system in 2020.

Under this system, a small number of artists who the SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY wishes to encourage (as a general rule, artists whose activities are based in Kagawa Prefecture) are selected and their activities given the SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY’s backup, receiving priority with regard to the provision of training facilities, creative support, and performance/workshop job opportunities.

In addition, the profiles of Associate Artists are displayed on the SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY’s official website, together with their individual numbers and links to videos of their performances. Technical riders are prepared in both Japanese and English with the cooperation of the SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY, assisting these artists to promote their activities overseas as well.

Associate Artists and SETOUCHI CIRCUS FACTORY are partners collaborating together to promote projects and achieve further contemporary circus development.

Aki Yoshida

From early childhood through until university graduation, Aki Yoshida dedicated herself to competitive gymnastics, subsequently going on to join the world of entertainment. In addition to aerial arts, she has studied dance, drama, and various other forms of physical expression.

Aki’s artistic activities cover a diverse range of genres including concerts by Ayumi Hamazaki, Hiromi Go, and other musical artists; National Cultural Festivals; expositions, theatrical performances, Bunraku (Japanese Puppet Theater) performances; television commercials; music videos; and brand parties. She has also performed widely overseas, including as a MGM COTAI Resident Aerial Artist and in the La Vigne France Tour and Finland x Japan Exchange Project in Finland, and she is registered with the Cirque du Soleil Artist Bank. In addition to performing, Aki is also active as an instructor and choreographer. 

Aki Yoshida ”kingyo” Short Version

Aki Yoshida “kingyo” full version



Photograph copyright of Aichi Hirano

Kai Taniguchi

Studied at the Souri International Circus School

Born in Kyoto

Together with juggler Hachiro, Kai Taniguchi is active as a member of the circus unit White Asparagus. He has also performed with NAGAMEKURASHITSU and in works such as “Odyssey of Wind: Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project” and Kaiji Moriyama’s “Circus”. Not bound to any one performance genre, Kai is pursuing possibilities for circus bodies through his unique ideas.


Photograph copyright of Reiko Wakai

Aimi Hasegawa

Registered cast member of Cirque du Soleil

Born in Kagawa Prefecture

Together with juggler Yosuke Meguro, Aimi Hasegawa is a member of the performance unit UTSUSHIOMI, and she is also a member of the contemporary circus company NAGAMEKURASHITSU, which is led by Yosuke Meguro.

From early childhood, Aimi devoted herself to rhythmic gymnastics (Angel RG Kagawa Nicchu) and classical ballet. After retiring from rhythmic gymnastics, she began studying classical ballet in earnest, completing a short training program at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (CNSMDL) in France. Returning home to Japan, Aimi studied aerial art at the Aerial Art Dance Project (AADP), a studio specializing in aerial performance, graduating as a member of the Fifth Class.

Aimi has performed in such works as the Broadway musical “PIPPIN” (2019), NOGIZAKA 46’s “7th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE”; and Yumi Matsutoya’s “TIME MACHINE TOUR: Traveling through 45 years” (2018–2019). As a circus artist, she has performed in a diversity of settings both in Japan and overseas, including theaters, concerts, theme parks, and street performance festivals.

Aimi is also dedicated to human resources training, acting as an instructor in the fields of not only aerial performance but also stretch, body control, and rhythmic gymnastics, and is also active as a choreographer.

Noseyama Mizuki

Born in Niigata Prefecture

Mizuki Noseyama began studying classical ballet in her early childhood and joined the ABC-Tokyo Ballet Company after graduating from high school. She subsequently studied at the Performing Arts Institute (P.A.I.) for one year.

Mizuki has performed in a variety of stage, recitation, and impromptu performances including the works of Kazuhiro Nishijima, Kimiho Hulbert, the Tarinof dance company, Yasuyuki Endo, Hiroshi Koike, Yoko Ando, and the Strange Kinoko Dance Company.

Mizuki is currently based in Kagawa Prefecture and has widened her field of vision to include contemporary circus, exploring forms of expression that transcend the genre of dance.
Mizuki Noseyama ”Zu Zu Zu” Trailer

Kento Yoshokawa

Born in Osaka, currently based in Kagawa.

Kento began to perform Juggling from seventeen years old. He was impressed with the performance of the street Juggling performer in a video, and then he has started to have a dream to be a circus performer. Kento entered Sori International Circus School and trained hard on juggling skills and the physical abilities. After graduation, he was based in Osaka, then he currently moved in Kagawa Prefecture to widen and deepen his ability.

He has also performed in Tainan Street Art Festival “Sakariba”, DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP IN SHIZUOKA, French Circus Focus 2021 “Fierce 5” at Setagaya Public Theater.