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Creating a culture that can only be found here.

The contemporary circus is an art form that evolves with all kinds of artistic elements, such as music, theater, dance, art, and video, using the well-trained and realistic human body.
As a pioneer of contemporary circus in Japan, Setouchi Circus Factory creates “unique contemporary circus” born and spread from the Setouchi region.



The Setouchi Circus Factory believes that human resources are the key to developing the strength of the region, and we are committed to developing human resources through our event management and circus classes. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of circus, we nurture the ability of artists, staff, and children to create, cooperate, and express themselves in a physically fit manner, opening the door to the potential of each individual.


Connecting the community to the world

Setouchi Circus Factory is a very local company that works together with local people to create and produce. We also support the activities of the Setouchi Circus Factory by inviting artists and staff from overseas, disseminate global information through our network of contemporary circus in Europe, Asia and Oceania.
The co-creation of activities between us and local people creates empathy that transcends national borders, fosters universal values that connect people in the region and around the world.

Board members 2020

Representative Director Michiko Tanaka
Director Hideki Kato
(Chairman of Shikoku-mura / a historical open-air museum in Takamatsu)
Yukiko Manabe(CEO of Fuji Construction Corporation)
Toshinori Yagi(Lawyer at Aomi International Law Offices)
Masuaki Yamashita (Representative Director, Big Bang Inc.)
Takashi Iwama (President, Satoai Management Support 88)

Michiko Tanaka

Representative director of Setouchi Circus Factory (SCF)
Member of Circostrada Network
Core member of Circus Asia Network (CAN)

Born in Hokkaido. Sher encountered contemporary circus in 2004 when she was working for Hokkaido Shimbun Press as an event producer.
Deeply impressed by circus artists who live simply with their bodies and their passion for the creation, she decided to quit the press in 2007 to make research and publish the first Japanese book specialized in European contemporary circus. She published “Circus ni Aitai – Invitation for the Contemporary Circus” with a support from French Embassy in Japan.
After working for important artistic festivals as Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale in 2009 and Setouchi Art Triennale in 2010, she moved in Kagawa Prefecture to start her own activities for the development of contemporary circus in Japan. She found “Setouchi Circus Factory (SCF)” in 2012 and since then, SCF create constantly shows with Japanese artists and artists from other countries and the artistic creations are still axis of SCF’s activities.
The specificity of SCF is that they try to give birth a new and unique culture in the region by working regularly with inhabitants as long-term activities. The mission of SCF is to inquire values within people and local societies about which they have never been conscious. For us, the contemporary circus is not only an artistic genre, but also the best tool to bring new vision and encounters in the society.