Creation Center

Circus Creation Center

Improve the quality of expression

One of the most important factors for the development of modern circus is to secure a place and environment for practice and creation.

For circus artists, daily rehearsals are the most important and need to be done continuously for a long time.

In terms of facilities, for aerial arts and tightrope walking, a large space with a high ceiling (10m x 15m in size, at least 7m in height) and sturdy anchoring points to fix the equipment are required.

SCF is currently accepting artists and conducting rehearsals and creative activities mainly in two venues that meet the above requirements

  • Gymnasium at the former Kaminishi Elementary School, Kaminishi, Shioe-cho, Takamatsu City
  • Gymnasium at the former Kouda Elementary School, Kanda, Yamamoto-cho, Mitoyo City
In the future, we would like to secure several other venues for rehearsals and creative activities, and operate them on a project-by-project basis.


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